Louie Seger – King Bee

Seger founded Bee Line in 1992, after working for a competitor for several years, since the start, Bee Line has become a dominant competitor in 13 states. Seger is also President of Out of the Box Logistics, which line hauls auto parts in 17 states to different hubs, President of King Bee LLC specializing in Pharmaceutical delivery/warehousing and Busy Bee Call Center which specializes in stat medication delivery nationwide.

Laura Seger – Queen Bee

Seger has been with Bee Line since the start and oversees the office operations and various other projects in each company.

The Hive Team

  • Jay Baumert
  • Casey Thompson
  • Rusty Quill
  • Jamie McLelland
  • Randy Scudder
  • Adam Hatton
  • Carmella Rivers
  • Scott Gibson
  • Zuhdija Mujagic
  • John Van Tunien
  • Tom Simpson
  • Dan Rountree
Customer Service / Dispatch
  • Danny Crowe
  • Linda Zeitz
  • LaRon Talley
  • Kandice Moore
  • Brendon Bentley
  • Adam Smith
  • Ajla Mustic
  • German Vasquez
  • Louis Gaskins
  • Shawnta Tyson
  • Michael Zurschmeide
  • Greg LeMastus
  • Steve Dickman-CFO
  • Tara Givens